About me

Thank You for visiting this site and deciding to learn more about me!

I am pleased with Your attention and your desire to please yourself or your loved ones with such a unique gift!

Let me tell you a little about myself:

My name is Elena, and as a child, like many I got into the hands of a musical card, my delight was unlimited and naturally the battery in it was discharged as quickly as possible 😌

I recently saw these postcards on the Internet, and I liked them so much that I also decided to make them.

It wasn’t a long journey, but it wasn’t a short one either, before I settled on certain sound modules, learned how to work in two programs for creating postcards and editing sound, and established a dialogue with the printing house.

I feel that I am going in the right direction, I see how the knowledge or events I need find me, and I am grateful that I can do what I love!

I like to work on the weekends, and I have no restrictions to open the laptop to karaoke and make a card🥰

But, something I’m rambling, let’s get to facts: by profession I am a psychologist, teacher of psychology qualification to a child psychologist by profession worked for 3 years very much, but something, even 3 years worked in the company Zepter, purchased utensils and went on maternity leave)

And a little about my Hobbies:

I enjoy creative American band Linkin Park, for 16 years, from this comes my love of music, particularly music in postcards)

I was engaged in capoeira and Samba, reached 4 belts, I want to continue as soon as there is time.

In General, this is all, waiting for Your questions in WhatsApp