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Project idea

Many of us as children received a store card with a rustling package on the outside, Yes, they were musical cards!
But then they were the same type of postcards with a beeping song inside which however took your breath away and as a rule the battery ran out in 1-2 days,
that was then…

Musical greeting cards now is it:

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset


I am glad to see You on this site!

My name is Elena, a year ago I discovered a secret passion for music cards and started looking for ways to implement them.

The product that turned out You have already seen above, I hope you liked it!

And if you still have questions or are interested in implementing the project scroll on or write directly to WhatsApp

1. Select a template from the “how to order ” section or write your wishes for Your unique design

2. Send photos, text, music and a recording of your voice in MP3(optional), which you need to insert in the postcard to the mail:

3. Agree on the layout and confirm the print, after printing, I will send a video with the finished card!

Music cards to order in Moscow and delivery worldwide!